Rich Cahill

New Jersey tattoo artist Rich Cahill is constantly making, thinking and doing. Whether it's through tattooing, making work in the studio, performing music or working with metal, Rich is always exploring and expanding his creative endeavors. Rich has been tattooing since 1993 and has since founded multiple shops over the years. He has traveled across the globe tattooing. Rich also designed and patented his own rotary tattoo machines in 2016. Rich's work demands a dialogue, a conversation, an active participant; it is largely dominated and driven by pictorial symbolism, often suggesting a type of narrative that Rich constructs internally, but is not transparent to the viewer. These works are also reflections of a type of wisdom or lack thereof in our culture, with the work acting as a lens through which Rich can explore and express these themes. He is largely influenced by outsider artists, apocalyptic artists like Nobert Kox and Frank Bruno, and Japanese art, particularly Horiyoshi III.